UKOREVV -Universal Korean Organic Ensemble
Viktoria & Virtuosi e.V.

is a unique ensemble:

1. We were born as an ensemble barely a year ago, but have already received many wonderful comments on YouTube and in concert and consider the world on the whole to be a good thing. We are universal because we want to find the golden mean of the western vertical and the eastern horizontal. We are an opportunity and a challenge for 21st century composers and we are happy to present them with an experimental laboratory on the highest exclusive level.

2. We come from three continents and are outstanding, in part world-leading, soloists and chamber musicians at their finest; curious, experimental and stubborn in a healthy way.

3. Unique selling proposition: We are a Eurasian inspiration and combine western with traditional Korean instruments. The particular focus is on stringed instruments. The Korean zither harp meets the European harp and Bavarian zither. The western violin meets the Korean silk string violin. A Korean flute comes face to face with a western flute. We therefore play in a line-up that is unique worldwide due to its natural sound spectrum. We want to enrich the music scene in the dialogue between East Asia and the West.

4. We rehearse only in phases, in quiet places with good air (e.g. monasteries or beside a lake), collect this energy and feed it into the concert halls. We listen. This keeps our ears and minds fresh, curious and open to new inspiration.

5. We see ourselves as practical philosophers of nature and music, as an ensemble, sometimes doubled, which means we can rely on each other. Nevertheless, we keep abreast of the times and travel with computers, NUFO, as well as silk clothes and stage props.

6. We read scores with our hearts and minds, because some of our members are themselves composers. This means that our interpretations achieve not only an extraordinarily high quality, but also a particularly mature and lively interpretation thanks to a natural reading.

7. We play solo or in ensembles up to ten-strong, constantly adding to electronic know-how, sound design, dance, live painting, light and introducing further instruments.

8. We can also improvise, turn our hands to musical theater, musicals, singing, poetry, all genres of music and like to address natural issues, animals and food; we make people-centred music to touch the audience directly and are open to abstract spaces.

9. Our name sounds like a Russian perfume, or a 7G transit road in the year 2137 from Tokyo via Indonesia to Venus. We are volatile, down-to-earth, radical, full of ideas and fundamentally highly romantic (assumption: probably everyone is...): We let the muse or her male match mix it with the medusa in 21st century music. We want to sense horizontal and vertical sounds. We are sound aesthetes, now scraping away to bursting point, now transporting to the stage scarcely audible nuances merely suggestive of music - in all musical languages. Our concerts are compered so as to give the audience the chance to get an analytical insight into the music. We take our audience by the hand and allow ourselves to sprinkle a touch of humor into times of much suffering.

10. A little word-play to finish: We are UKOREVV - "UNICEF" in the rhyme of 21st century music. Somehow its reverse, "Vveroku", conjures up “raving rococo”, - a combination that is exactly what the world of music needs: actors performing with sound, excellent, “raving”- or, adapted to the locative, “roving” – far from everyone and everywhere else.

We are UKOREVV - a mixture of "comic" and stylishly "fresh".